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Title: New Principles For Ensuring The Biological Safety Of Raw Materials And Products Of Animal Origin
Authors: Bogatirev, A. B.
Богатырев, А. Б.
Emelyanov, S. A.
Емельянов, С. А.
Keywords: Infections;Biological safety;Food;Probiotics
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Bogatirev, AB; Emelyanov, SA; Skorykh, LN; Konik, NV; Kolotova, NA. New Principles For Ensuring The Biological Safety Of Raw Materials And Products Of Animal Origin // RESEARCH JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL SCIENCES. - Том: 9. - Выпуск: 5. - Стр.: 1106-1109
Series/Report no.: Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
Abstract: Traditional technologies for ensuring biological safety in the food industry and medicine, based on the use of various chemicals as disinfectants or antibiotics, at the present stage of development, come to a standstill due to the appearance of even stronger antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms, increased toxicity of medicines and lowering general immunity of animals and humans. The way out of this situation is the development of principles and technologies for the overall improvement of the ecosystem, animals and humans, with the increase of the body's immune status by creating a line of probiotic foods for food, fodder and biocenotic purposes containing a consortium of useful symbiotic bacteria that are antagonists of the pathogenic microflora. The result of the research was the development and production of a truly natural symbiotic concentrate, produced from milk and containing: macro-micro elements, bifidobacteria, lactic streptococcus, enzymes, biologically active substances. The microbiological matrix (symbiosis) is extracted in the wild from certain living organisms, which in turn are virtually unaffected by the anthropogenic factor. The symbiotic concentrate is recommended for human nutrition in order to suppress putrefactive and pyogenic microflora, as well as restore the natural microbiota both in the gastrointestinal tract and the mucous membrane of various parts of the human body as a whole and is capable of regenerating the affected skin
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