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Title: On the question about the current state of the system of the branch of municipal law
Authors: Belyavsky, D. S.
Белявский, Д. С.
Kazanovskaya, J. A.
Казановская, Ю. А.
Reshetnikova, I. V.
Решетникова, И. В.
Shlundt, N. Y.
Шлюндт, Н. Ю.
Shcherbakova, O. V.
Щербакова, О. В.
Keywords: Administrative law;Civil law;Complex branch of law;Constitution of the Russian Federation;Constitutional law;Land law;Legal institution;Municipal law;Russian legal system;Norm of law
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Serials Publications
Citation: Bielawski, D.S., Kazanovskaya, J.A., Reshetnikova, I.V., Shlundt, N.U., Shcherbakova, O.V. On the question about the current state of the system of the branch of municipal law // Man in India. - 2016. - Volume 96. - Issue 10. - Pages 4027-4042
Series/Report no.: Man in India
Abstract: The article is dedicated to the problem of determining the current state of the system of municipal law, that is, one of the complex and relatively young branches of the Russian legal system. The approach to the formation of the system of the branch of municipal law as to the ordered set of its elements is determined to a large extend by the methodology of the problem solving of its subject and the independent character of this branch itself. Due to this fact, the article considers the questions connected to the subject and method of regulation of municipal law and also to the related branches, first of all, constitutional and administrative laws. Considering the existing opinions, the authors form their own approach to the systematization of the municipal and legal norms. The branch of municipal law consists of different elements - norms, principles, institutions (subbranches) and parts (General, Particular and Special) and also from material and procedural elements. This all influences its final appearance. A particular complexity in the problem solving of the system of municipal law is connected to the availability of the norms in its content that can be referred to the system of norms of other branches of the Russian law
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