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Title: Accuracy of author names in bibliographic data sources: an Italian case study
Authors: Schaerf, M.
Keywords: Accuracy;Author names;CrossRef;PubMed
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Citation: Demetrescu, C., Ribichini, A., Schaerf, M. Accuracy of author names in bibliographic data sources: an Italian case study // Scientometrics. - 2018. Volume 117. - Issue 3. - Pages 1777-1791
Series/Report no.: Scientometrics
Abstract: We investigate the accuracy of how author names are reported in bibliographic records excerpted from four prominent sources: WoS, Scopus, PubMed, and CrossRef. We take as a case study 44,549 publications stored in the internal database of Sapienza University of Rome, one of the largest universities in Europe. While our results indicate generally good accuracy for all bibliographic data sources considered, we highlight a number of issues that undermine the accuracy for certain classes of author names, including compound names and names with diacritics, which are common features to Italian and other Western languages
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