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Title: Radiation Situation at Construction Sector Objects in Caucasus Mineral Waters Region and Prospects of its Decrease
Authors: Sidyakin, P. A.
Сидякин, П. А.
Yanukyan, E. G.
Янукян, Э. Г.
Keywords: Construction sector;Naturally occurring radionuclides;Public exposure to radiation;Radiation situation;Radon;Radiation
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Citation: Khorzova, L.I., Sidyakin, P.A., Yanukyan, E.G. Radiation Situation at Construction Sector Objects in Caucasus Mineral Waters Region and Prospects of its Decrease // Procedia Engineering. - 2016. - Volume 150. - Pages 2031-2035
Series/Report no.: Procedia Engineering
Abstract: The paper considers the topical issues of radiation situation at the objects of the construction sector and the municipal economy in the resort Caucasus Mineral Waters region. The radiation characteristics such as gamma-radiation dose rate of territories and rooms, the indoor radon volume activity, the content of naturally occurring radionuclides in construction materials were studied. It was determined that for all the characteristics examined in various territories and buildings the exceedance of the allowable norms is registered. The guests of the resort cities do not get an elevated level of exposure to radiation during the short time period. In order to avoid the dangerous level of exposure to radiation caused by the objects of construction sector and municipal economy to the local residents, it is required to exclude the erection of buildings and constructions without the radiation control as well as to examine the radiation characteristics of the operated building stock of the resort region. A software program has been suggested, the application of which allows forming a radiation characteristics database as well as developing electronic maps of the radiation situation in the cities of the Caucasus Mineral Waters region
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