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Title: Model Of Small Business Development And Its Competitiveness In Conditions Of Institutional Transformations
Authors: Lazareva, N. V.
Лазарева, Н. В.
Keywords: Innovation;Competitiveness;Investments;Infrastructure;Development
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Lazareva, NV; Takhumova, OV; Krivokora, YN; Vershitskaya, ER; Batisheva, EA. Model Of Small Business Development And Its Competitiveness In Conditions Of Institutional Transformations // RESEARCH JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL SCIENCES. - 2018. - Том: 9. - Выпуск: 6. - Стр.: 755-762
Series/Report no.: Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
Abstract: The changes in the structure of the Russian economy are reflected in the results of entrepreneurial activity in regional systems. The current situation is ambiguous at the level of individual territorial entities, especially problematic for peripheral regions, with an insufficient level of development of market infrastructure and a complicated geopolitical situation. In this regard, as a main goal in the work selected refinement and expansion of methodological campaigns to assess the competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises. The work presents an overview of theoretical scientists on the problem under study, an analysis of existing models of entrepreneurship development is carried out. The differentiation of the country's territories according to development priorities has been carried out, which can help optimize the distribution of regional resources to support business. The rating of territorial structures on the basic social and economic parameters is determined. The methodical approach to an estimation of competitiveness of region in interrelation with an entrepreneurial sector on the basis of a certain system of indicators is specified and expanded. The authors attempted to expand existing ideas on the directions of research on the competitiveness of organizations in the region. As elements of scientific novelty, it is possible to note the justified identification of a group of indicators that include directions for studying the efficiency of using the resources of the territorial system and the level of infrastructure support for the formation of a favorable competitive environment. The theoretical generalizations contained in the work can be used as materials for discussion in a scientific discussion. In addition, they may be of interest to scientific and educational activities
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