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Title: Development of the prescribed foodstuff composition for diabetes mellitus prevention
Authors: Sadovoy, V. V.
Садовой, В. В.
Shchedrina, T. V.
Щедрина, Т. В.
Keywords: Diet and preventive nutrition;Biosafety;Component analysis;Meat product;Diabetes mellitus
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Sadovoy, VV; Trubina, IA; Melentyeva, VV; Skorbina, EA; Shchedrina, TV. Development Of The Prescribed Foodstuff Composition For Diabetes Mellitus Prevention // RESEARCH JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL SCIENCES. - 2018. - Том: 9. - Выпуск: 6. - Стр.: 250-257
Series/Report no.: Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
Abstract: The discrepancy between the quantitative content of essential nutritional substances in the daily average menu with consumption criteria recommended by nutritionists was established. The lack of essential amino acids and other essential components contained in food products is recommended to be helped out by developing a meat product formulation with food additives of preventive purposes: chitosan succinate, edible soybean enrichment, melange, edible gelatine and rice flour. The formulation was developed using mathematical planning. The chemical composition the developed formulation was evaluated and the biological value of the finished product was studied with relation to the amino acid composition balance. The calculated coefficient of the amino acid composition rationality was 0.818; the total proportion of amino acids biosynthesis precursors of replaceable ones was 0.264, the mass fraction of essential amino acids, being an ergogenic material, was 0.2. The biological safety of the experimental product was determined on the higher animals (white mice) of the BALB C line (females and malesHematologic indices of blood of experimental animals were studied. Haematological indices of the experime)iit al animals' blood were studied. As a result of the studies, the safety and harmlessness of the developed composition was confirmed
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