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Title: Anti-fading method in wireless networks in process control
Authors: Fedorenko, V. V.
Федоренко, В. В.
Samoylenko, V. V.
Самойленко, В. В.
Keywords: Current Cutoff Angle;Cyber-Physical System;Information Channel of the Electric Drive;Random Signal Fading;Wireless Network in Process Control;Process control
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Citation: Fedorenko, V.V., Samoylenko, V.V., Samoylenko, I.V. Anti-fading method in wireless networks in process control // 2018 International Russian Automation Conference, RusAutoCon 2018. - 2018. - Номер статьи 8501705
Series/Report no.: 2018 International Russian Automation Conference, RusAutoCon 2018
Abstract: The article demonstrates the importance of cyber-physical links between the wireless networks and the control system to guarantee safety and networks efficiency in process control. The electric drive with the information channel is considered as an object of cyber-physical system. It is necessary to consider the impact of electro-magnetic interference of drives on the measurement signal fading level in information channel. The cutoff angle method at the output of nonlinear element is proposed to deal with random signal fading in the information channel. The information, measured by the sensor, which is distorted by the interference, is restored on the channel receiving side as a result of dividing the amplitudes of the first and second signal harmonics. An expression for the optimization of the cutoff angle is obtained, taking into account the errors in measuring the signal harmonic amplitudes. The structure of the information channel is presented. It implements the cutoff angle method for controlling fluctuation noise in an electric drive
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