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Title: Effect of different fluxes on YAG:Ce illumination engineering parameters
Authors: Shama, M. S.
Шама, М. С.
Kichuk, S. N.
Кичук, С. Н.
Kostyukov, S. V.
Костюков, С. В.
Voronov, P. E.
Воронов, П. Е.
Voronova, A. V.
Воронова, А. В.
Keywords: Coprecipitation;Effect of fluxes;HCBS;Luminophore illumination engineering parameters;YAG:Ce luminophores;Yttrium aluminum garnet
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer New York LLC
Citation: Shama, M.S., Kichuk, S.N., Kostyukov, S.V., Voronov, P.E., Voronova, A.V., Popova, N.A., Lukin, E.S. Effect of different fluxes on YAG:Ce illumination engineering parameters // Refractories and Industrial Ceramics. - 2015. - Volume 56. - Issue 4. - Pages 421-424
Series/Report no.: Refractories and Industrial Ceramics
Abstract: Research is devoted to studying properties of YAG:Ce luminophores prepared by reverse heterophase coprecipitation followed by annealing. Luminophore specimens are synthesized using fluxes of different composition and with different grain size. Property indices are determined for the specimens obtained by electron-probe analysis methods for phase chemical composition, x-ray phase analysis, and spectrofluorimetry
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