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Title: Direct oxidative SNH amidation of 1,3,7-triazapyrene
Authors: Borovlev, I. V.
Боровлев, И. В.
Demidov, O. P.
Демидов, О. П.
Kurnosova, N. A.
Курносова, Н. А.
Amangasieva, G. A.
Амангазиева, Г. А.
Avakyan, E. K.
Авакян, Е. К.
Keywords: 1,3,7-triazapyrene;Nucleophilic substitution of hydrogen;Oxidative amidation
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer New York LLC
Citation: Borovlev, I.V., Demidov, O.P., Kurnosova, N.A., Amangasieva, G.A., Avakyan, E.K. Direct oxidative SNH amidation of 1,3,7-triazapyrene // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds. - 2015. - Volume 51. - Issue 2. - Pages 170-175
Series/Report no.: Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds
Abstract: 6-Acylamino-1,3,7-triazapyrenes have been synthesized for the first time by direct oxidative nucleophilic substitution of hydrogen
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