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Title: Psychodiagnostics to facilitate young people’s psychomotor progress
Authors: Ozerov, V. P.
Озеров, В. П.
Tarasova, O. Y.
Тарасова, О. Ю.
Tarasov, P. V.
Тарасов, П. В.
Shefatov, O. I.
Шефатов, О. И.
Keywords: Progress;Psychodiagnostics;Scholarly traditions;Young people’s psychomotor qualities
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kul'tury i sporta
Citation: Ozerov, V.P., Tarasova, O.Y., Tarasov, P.V., Shefatov, O.I. Psychodiagnostics to facilitate young people’s psychomotor progress // Teoriya i Praktika Fizicheskoy Kultury. - 2019. - Volume 2019. - Issue 1. - Pages 11-12
Series/Report no.: Teoriya i Praktika Fizicheskoy Kultury
Abstract: The study analyzes practical accomplishments of the Stavropol psychodiagnostics scholarly traditions in the young people’s psychomotor progress facilitation domain. Novelty of this research field is due to the fact that it addresses one of the fundamental issues of the modern psychodiagnostics and applies the gift mobilizing psychology and educational psychology tools to offer a set of express tests to rate the psychomotor/ cognitive qualities supported by a focused psychomotor/ cognitive/ athletic/ professional qualities/ skills development tools. We applied a few innovative approaches in the long-term studies to rate the psychomotor progress in schoolchildren, university students and 7-27 year-old athletes; precisely map the sensitive development periods and analyze the time delays (heterochrony) and convergence in the component-wise psychophysical/ athletic progress. Study reports and monographs of the research school present the psychomotor progress securing concept with the psychomotor qualities classification and test toolkit that may be applied to select the gifted young athletes
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