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Title: Investigation into physicomechanical properties of VK6, VK8, and T5K10 hard alloys after volumetric pulsed laser hardening
Authors: Pinakhin, I. A.
Пинахин, И. А.
Chernigovskii, V. A.
Черниговский, В. А.
Bratsikhin, A. A.
Брацихин, А. А.
Yagmurov, M. A.
Ягмуров, М. А.
Sugarov, K. R.
Сугаров, Х. Р.
Keywords: Cutter power;Hardening;Laser;Solid alloys;Strength;Wear resistance;X-ray structural analysis
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Pleiades Publishing
Citation: Pinakhin, I.A., Chernigovskii, V.A., Bratsikhin, A.A., Yagmurov, M.A., Sugarov, K.R. Investigation into Physicomechanical Properties of VK6, VK8, and T5K10 Hard Alloys after Volumetric Pulsed Laser Hardening // Inorganic Materials. - 2019. - Volume 54. - Issue 15. - Pages 1487-1490
Series/Report no.: Inorganic Materials
Abstract: This article describes the mechanical properties (microhardness, bending strength, abrasive wear resistance) of VK6, VK8, and T5K10 hard alloys after volumetric pulsed laser hardening (VPLH). It is demonstrated that selection of optimum hardening modes (energy and duration of laser pulse, laser beam diameter, distance between radiation point to main cutting edge) can be based on X-ray structural analysis. This reduces significantly the consumptions of materials, time, and expenses required for laboratory tests. The obtained results are compared and their validity is estimated using mathematical statistics
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