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Title: Heterocyclization reactions using malononitrile dimer (2-aminopropene-1,1,3-tricarbonitrile)
Authors: Dotsenko, V. V.
Доценко, В. В.
Keywords: Cascade reactions;Cyclocondensation;Malononitrile dimer;Naphthyridines;Pyrazoles;Pyridines;Pyrimidines
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer New York LLC
Citation: Dotsenko, V.V., Krivokolysko, S.G., Semenova, A.M. Heterocyclization reactions using malononitrile dimer (2-aminopropene-1,1,3-tricarbonitrile) // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds. - 2018. - Том: 54. - Выпуск: 11. - Стр.: 989-1019
Series/Report no.: Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds
Abstract: In this work, we provide the first generalized and critical analysis of data on the chemistry of malononitrile dimer (2-aminopropene-1,1,3-tricarbonitrile) – a multifunctional reagent that is widely used for the preparation of diverse heterocyclic systems. The majority of references are from the last 20–25 years
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