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Title: Labor market modeling in the regional agro-industrial complex
Authors: Lebedev, V. I.
Лебедев, В. И.
Lebedeva, I. V.
Лебедева, И. В.
Keywords: Sustainable development of the region;Unemployment;Employment;Municipal areas;Rural labor market;Modeling;Forecasting
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Shuvaev, AV; Barabanova, MI; Lebedev, VI; Lebedeva, IV; Gevora, YI. Labor Market Modeling In The Regional Agro-Industrial Complex // RESEARCH JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL SCIENCES. - 2019. - Том: 10. - Выпуск: 1. - Стр.: 1362-1367
Series/Report no.: Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
Abstract: The efficiency of the functioning of the regional agro-industrial complex is determined by the positive transformations of the social and labor sphere in rural areas, the improvement of the qualitative characteristics of the labor force, and the effective use of the labor potential in the region. A special role is played by the sustainability of the regional labor market, which is the main factor in the stability of socioeconomic transformations in rural areas and an objective condition for the further development of agro-industrial production. The article substantiates a scientific approach to modeling and forecasting the rural labor market, taking into account the methodological provisions of V. A. Kotelnikov and the scientific developments of P. L. Chebyshev. This made it possible to apply for practical and theoretical substantiation of these scientists in relation to regional problems of employment and unemployment, including in relation to the agro-industrial complex and its social and labor sphere. As a result of the research, an approach to modeling the regional labor market has been proposed, the main provisions for its further development have been formulated, and trends in the distribution of labor for the future have been identified
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