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Title: Main areas of collaboration between the Check Republic and Azerbaijan
Authors: Kryuchkov, I. V.
Крючков, И. В.
Keywords: Investments;"Eastern partnership";Azerbaijan;The European Union;The Check Republic;Foreign trade
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Kryuchkov, I. Main Areas of Collaboration Between the Check Republic and Azerbaijan // CONTEMPORARY EUROPE-SOVREMENNAYA EVROPA. - 2018. - Выпуск: 5. - Стр.: 60-70
Abstract: In recent years the states of Central and Eastern Europe have been developing collaboration with the states of the South Caucasus. The greatest success has been achieved by the Check Republic and Azerbaijan. The topic has not been examined thoroughly in Russian and foreign Political Science. Therefore, the purpose of the given paper is to study the dynamics of the development of relationships between the Check Republic and Azerbaijan in the early XX-th century. The author uses statistical and comparative methodologies with the aim of analyzing the political and economic collaboration of the two states. The conclusion is made that the Check Republic holds the leading position among the states of Central and Eastern Europe in the development of collaboration with Azerbaijan and the whole region of the South Caucasus. The building of political dialogue between Prague and Baku boosts the enhancement of relationships in various areas. Pragmatic approach overshadows human rights issue in Azerbaijan, which is occasionally brought up by some political groups in the Check Republic. Both parts take an interest in resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, in expanded collaboration of Azerbaijan and the EU as a well as expanded bilateral trade links. Baku has an interest in Check investments and technologies whereas Prague needs Azerbaijan energy resources in order to lessen its dependence on Russia
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