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Title: Family welfare as a basis of fighting crime
Authors: Abdulgaziev, R. Z.
Абдулгазиев, Р. З.
Zhukova, T. G.
Жукова, Т. Г.
Keywords: Determinants of crimes;Crime prevention measures;Criminological research;Juvenile delinquency
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Abdulgaziev RZ; Zhukova TG; Sukhorukova AN; Mamichev VN; Arshinov AS; Alsultanov MR. Family welfare as a basis of fighting crime // AMAZONIA INVESTIGA. - 2018. - Том: 7. - Выпуск: 17. - Стр.: 143-149
Series/Report no.: Amazonia Investiga
Abstract: This article presents the results of a criminological study of juvenile delinquency conditions predetermined by the social environment in which they grow up. The formation of antisocial characteristics of the personality begins in childhood, and the older a person gets, the more difficult it is to correct their criminal attitudes. On the basis of the fact that a happy family is the basis of the moral education of the child, a necessary condition for their behavior respectful of the law, a system of prevention of crimes for minors must be built. The main determinants of the delinquent behavior of the child in the modern world are considered: family problems, the inequality of the socioeconomic situation of the families, even in relation to the availability and quality of various social services in the field of education and leisure, and the free dissemination of information that represents a threat to the child's normal mental development
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