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Title: Semiotic pattern and functions of omens with the cultural exponents of ‘border’
Authors: Mitrofanenko, L. M.
Митрофаненко, Л. М.
Keywords: Culture code;Function;Omen;Semiotic pattern;Superstitious discourse
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Ecozone, OAIMDD
Citation: Strausova, S.K., Strausov, V.N., Mitrofanenko, L.M. Semiotic pattern and functions of omens with the cultural exponents of ‘border’ // European Journal of Science and Theology. - 2015. - Volume 11. - Issue 1. - Pages 149-158
Series/Report no.: European Journal of Science and Theology
Abstract: Those superstitions, which are directly connected with the ceremony of transition, remain the least studied in terms of Semiotics and functioning. The article defines a semiotic model of such superstitions and their main functions, which represent the cognitive structure of superstitious mind. The contrastive analyses based on the data of three languages — English, Russian and French — shows that the majority of such superstitions that are formed according to the same semiotic pattern ‘border — positive or negative prediction’. Some omens demonstrate the combination of semiotic models; still all of them fulfil five main functions: apotropaic, assisting, attractive, producing and destructive
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