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Title: Factors of positive adaptation of migrants: analysis of theoretical approaches
Authors: Morosanova, V. I.
Моросанова, В. И.
Nesterova, A. A.
Нестерова, А. А.
Suslova, T. F.
Суслова, Т. Ф.
Keywords: Constructivism;Policies and factors of adaptation;Positive adaptation of migrants;Resilience;Self-regulation
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Russian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Morosanova, V.I., Nesterova, A.A., Suslova, T.F. Factors of positive adaptation of migrants: Analysis of theoretical approaches // Psikhologicheskii Zhurnal. - 2015. - Volume 36. - Issue 5. - Pages 104-116
Series/Report no.: Psikhologicheskii Zhurnal
Abstract: The conditions of psychological adaptation and features of integration of migrants to the new sociocultural environment are investigated. As a result of analysis of the theoretical approaches to the integration of migrants and foreign and domestic experimental researches as well the concept of "positive adaptation" in relation to the migration processes is defined, the external (social) and internal (psychological) factors affecting a positive adaptation to new living conditions are highlighted. The efficiency of different theoretical approaches to the study of positive adaptation is substantiated, key role of resilience, deliberate self-control, mental constructs in successful adaptation psychological resources is defined. The prospects for using psychological techniques of constructivist approach to help migrants in the conditions of resettlement are pointed out
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