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Title: Ideological problems of the modern Russia
Authors: Sagalaeva, E. S.
Сагалаева, Е. С.
Keywords: Communist ideology;Conservative and neoconservative;Ideological situation;Ideology;Liberal and neo-liberal;Modernist ideology
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Canadian Center of Science and Education
Citation: Volkov, Y.G., Diuzhikov, S.A., Imgrunt, S.I., Malitskiy, V.S., Sagalaieva, E.S. Ideological problems of the modern Russia // Review of European Studies. - 2015. - Volume 7. - Issue 9. - Pages 162-169
Series/Report no.: Review of European Studies
Abstract: The article covers the evolution period of ideological situations in the modern Russian society. This paper considers the following periods: the period of adjustment and revaluation of socialist values (1985-1991); the period of deideologization of the Russian society (1991-1996); the period of search for the ideology for Russia (1996-2000); the period of the implementation of neo-liberal values (2000-2008); the period of reappraisal of values of the neoliberal ideology and restoration of the neo-conservative values called the “modernist ideology” (2008- present). The paper features conceptual conclusions on the perspectives of creating an ideocratic humanistic society, in which the ideological power will prevail over the state power, and the ruling Russian humanist party will be leading and guiding force of the future Russian humanistic society, which will implement the principle of harmonious combination of spiritual and material wealth at a priority of yet spiritual development of Russian citizens. The authors focus on the specifics of the ideological situation in the south of Russia, in the Southern and North Caucasian Federal Districts, where the increasing role of religious Islamic ideology can be observed
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