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dc.contributor.authorKryuchkov, I. V.-
dc.contributor.authorКрючков, И. В.-
dc.contributor.authorKryuchkova, N. D.-
dc.contributor.authorКрючкова, Н. Д.-
dc.identifier.citationKryuchkov, I. , Kryuchkova, N. Historical memory and the Habsburg myth: post-traumatic stress disorder of a human of the 20th century and a social product of mass consumption // DIALOG SO VREMENEM-DIALOGUE WITH TIME. - 2019. - Выпуск: 66. - Стр.: 86-99ru
dc.description.abstractThe breakdown of Austria-Hungary led to significant changes in political, economic and cultural life of Central-Eastern Europe in the 1920-1950s. Inhabitants of the region faced the growth of nationalism, authoritarianism and decline in living standards. The authors analyze the influence of these processes on birth and development of the Habsburg myth in its various forms. The "Golden Age" was associated with the rule of Emperor Franz-Joseph I and Empress Elizabeth of Austria (of Bavaria) by many inhabitants of the region. The Emperor was a symbol of stability, centrality and humanity, while the Empress reflected aristocratism, romanticism and aspiration to the beauty. The authors have noted that the inhabitants of Central-Eastern Europe did not find these qualities in modem society turning to the history of Austria-Hungary. The gradual depoliticization of the Habsburg myth in the second half of the 20th c., its erosion in a daily life is shown in the article; it is mostly turning into a social product of mass consumption first of all in spheres of tourism and popular cultureru
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDialog so Vremenem-
dc.subjectDualist Monarchyru
dc.subjectFranz-Joseph Iru
dc.subjectElizabeth of Bavariaru
dc.subjectThe Habsburg mythru
dc.titleHistorical memory and the Habsburg myth: post-traumatic stress disorder of a human of the 20th century and a social product of mass consumptionru
vkr.amountСтр.: 86-99ru
vkr.instГуманитарный институт-
vkr.instИнститут математики и естественных наук-
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