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Title: On the Faraday effect in magnetic colloids
Authors: Dikansky, Y. I.
Диканский, Ю. И.
Turkin, S. D.
Туркин, С. Д.
Keywords: Microwave-radiation reflection;Temperature-dependence;Fluid parameters;Coefficient
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Maik Nauka-Interperiodica Publishing
Citation: Dikanskii, Y.I., Turkin, S.D. On the Faraday effect in magnetic colloids // Technical Physics. - 2018. - Volume 62. - Issue 12. - pp. 1893-1898.
Series/Report no.: Technical Physics
Abstract: The propagation of plane-polarized microwave radiation in magnetic colloids with magnetite particles and magnetosensitive emulsions based on such particles is experimentally studied. A magnetic field exerted along the propagation direction leads to the rotation of the polarization plane (Faraday effect) provided that the magnetite concentration is higher than a certain critical level. Specific features of the effect in structured magnetic colloids and magnetic emulsions related to structural changes in the presence of magnetic field are revealed
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