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Title: The structure of the mechanism of strategic management of innovational development of socio-economic system
Authors: Godina, O. V.
Година, О. В.
Maksimenko, L. S.
Максименко, Л. С.
Ushvitsky, L. I.
Ушвицкий, Л. И.
Slavnetskova, L. V.
Славнецкова, Л. В.
Denshchik, M. N.
Денщик, М. Н.
Keywords: Changes;Socio-economic systems;Innovations;Innovational development;Mechanism of management;Strategic management of innovations
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Godina, OV; Maksimenko, LS; Ushvitsky, LI; Slavnetskova, LV; Denshchik, MN. The Structure of the Mechanism of Strategic Management of Innovational Development of Socio-Economic System // FUTURE OF THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM: DOWNFALL OR HARMONY. - 2019. - Серия книг: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems. - Том: 57. - Стр.: 1094-1103
Abstract: In the conditions of quick distribution of new technologies and knowledge, global competition of ideas and images of the future, technological underrun of the Russian economy from the leading countries in the global innovational competition increases. The purpose of the research is to look for the reasons for low innovational activity of Russian socio-economic systems and to determine the possible approaches to their leveling by means of development of coordination mechanisms of management of innovations in the long-term. The research methods include systemic analysis, content analysis, expert evaluations, comparative analysis of practices at different levels of management and normative documents that regulate them. The main result of the performed research is the conclusion that weakness of the Russian system of strategic management of innovations of multi-level socio-economic systems is determined by lack of coordination and formalization of priorities of state, sectorial, regional, and corporate innovational strategies, and absence of flexible and self-developing mechanisms of acceleration of their innovational activity. Analysis of efficiency of innovational development of the Russian economy, its sub-systems, and economic subjects allowed connecting the level of successfulness of their strategic management of innovational activity to the level of efficiency of its mechanism with growth of density of state regulation of the innovational sphere. The systemic approach is used for development of the logical & structural scheme of the mechanism of strategic management of innovational development of socio-economic system's development. The results of its practical approbation show the possibility of solving the determined problems of sustainable proactive growth by means of creation and combination of new mechanisms that ensure - in the aspects of resources and motivation - targeting of internal and external tools of managing the interrelations between the elements of the system and subjects of heterogeneous market environment in the regime of self-organization and automatic evasion from the set goals of innovational development
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