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Title: Formation of motivational readiness of future specialist
Authors: Bondarenko, N. G.
Бондаренко, Н. Г.
Keywords: Professional activity;Future specialist;Motivational readiness;Quality of professional training
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Sergeeva, MG; Serebrennikova, AV; Bondarenko, NG; Getmanova, ES; Klimovskikh, NV; Yanckovsckaya, VV; Asil'derova, MM. Formation of motivational readiness of future specialist // AMAZONIA INVESTIGA. - 2019. - Том: 8. - Выпуск: 18. - Стр.: 425-431
Series/Report no.: Amazonia Investiga
Abstract: The main theories of motivation have been divided into two directions: substantial theories that consider motivation from structural positions, and procedural theories that consider motivation as a dynamic formation. These areas are united by the understanding of motivation as secondary formation to the motive. In this study the concept of "readiness" for activity is considered as an active-effective state of the individual. In the structure of professional readiness of the individual, researchers identify different components, among which the most important is the motivational - attitude to the profession, the need to complete the task successfully and interest in the activity. Of the main goal of this study is considering psychological readiness as a complex functional, psychological and personal formation. As follows in this study, psychological study includes: a positive attitude to a particular type of activity; adequate to the requirements of the character and temperament; the necessary knowledge, skills, habits; stable professionally important features of cognitive and emotional-volitional processes. The study persues a model of formation of positive motivation through a professional activity of subjects of education in terms of reinforcement on the basis of the following principles: taking into account all kinds of needs of the individual; taking into account the real contribution of each employee to the final result
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