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Title: Topological Interlocking of Operational Switching
Authors: Golovinskii, I. A.
Головинский, И. А.
Keywords: Digital substation;Interlocking of switching operations;Object-topology approach;Operational dispatch management;Switching control;Switching diagram topology analysis;Topological interlocking;Topology
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Springer New York LLC
Citation: Golovinskii, I.A., D’yachenko, M.Y., Londer, M.I., Tumakov, A.V. Topological Interlocking of Operational Switching // Power Technology and Engineering. - 2019. - Volume 52. - No. 5. - Pages 605 - 613
Series/Report no.: Power Technology and Engineering
Abstract: Positions of interconnected switching devices determine the topological interlocks of switching operations at substations. The paper reviews two approaches for implementing programmable topological interlocks: offline and online. The paper highlights the disadvantages of offline and flexibility of online solutions. Anew object-topology approach to modeling of electrical networks is described. It allows applying the standard rules of topological interlocking automatically, both offline and online. An example of such automation is provided
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