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Title: Design of science laboratory sessions with magnetic fluids
Authors: Fedina, O. V.
Федина, О. В.
Zakinyan, A. R.
Закинян, А. Р.
Agibova, I. M.
Агибова, И. М.
Keywords: Laboratory session;Laboratory works design;Magnetic fluid;Physics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: SAGE Publications Inc.
Citation: Fedina, O.V., Zakinyan, A.R., Agibova, I.M. Design of science laboratory sessions with magnetic fluids // International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education. - 2017. - Volume 45. - Issue 4. - pp. 349-359.
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education
Abstract: Application of new achievements in science and technology to the physics laboratory sessions can ensure the advancement of physics education. One particular example of the technologies giving new opportunities in the design of physics laboratory works is the magnetic fluid. We describe the laboratory works within the scope of the general physic course for the undergraduate students. Principal feature of the laboratories presented is the use of magnetic fluids. It makes possible to design some creative laboratory works, which can help to develop skills in performing scientific experiments and to increase the understanding of the physical concepts. The sample consists of 120 third-grade university students from the Department of General and Theoretical Physics in the North Caucasus Federal University in Stavropol, Russia. These laboratories arouse students' interest and contribute to the achievement of high quality of learning outcomes. We also show that such laboratories engage students' interest in the scientific research work
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