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Title: Use of the transformational leadership model in police management
Authors: Smirnov, D. A.
Смирнов, Д. А.
Zhukov, A. P.
Жуков, А. П.
Aparina, O. Y.
Апарина, О. Ю.
Lauta, O. N.
Лаута, О. Н.
Keywords: Transactional leadership;Authoritarian leadership;Police;Personnel management;Police leadership
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Smirnov, DA; Zhukov, AP; Aparina, OY; Lauta, ON; Zakalyapin, DV. Use of the Transformational Leadership Model in Police Management // MAZONIA INVESTIGA. - 2019. -Том: 8. - Выпуск: 20. - Стр.: 236-241
Series/Report no.: Amazonia Investiga
Abstract: The police, as well as other government agencies is a rather conservative mechanism not prone to rapid changes of style, techniques and methods of work and management methods as well. Despite more than a four-year "experience" of police reform in Russia, the police, is still the subject of constant criticism both from policing practitioners and theorists. This article describes the "cooperative" management system. The goal of the proposed material to the reader is the opening for the Russian reader leadership practices of the German police. The authors suggest that familiarity with the data presented below will help the continued practice of reforming of the Russian police, as well as police forces of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Today, both in Europe and Russia the traditional authoritarian system management and administration of the force dominates the fact that due to authors does not meet modern requirements of a changing and globalizing society and in the Police Science there is almost complete lack of international studies and those present are very scattered and fragmentary. It seems that this material will be useful for the further work of managers in the Russian police and possibly other countries of the so-called the former Soviet Union
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