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Title: Improving wear resistance of fast-cutting steel R6M5 after a volume pulse laser strength
Authors: Pinakhin, I. A.
Пинахин, И. А.
Chernigovskii, V. A.
Черниговский, В. А.
Bratsikhin, A. A.
Брацихин, А. А.
Yagmurov, M. A.
Ягмуров, М. А.
Vladykina, Y. A.
Владыкина, Ю. А.
Keywords: Wear resistance;Hardening;High speed steels;Laser;X-ray analysis;Durability of cutting tools
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Pinakhin, IA; Chernigovskij, VA; Bratsikhin, AA; Yagmurov, MA; Vladykina, YA. Improving Wear Resistance of Fast-Cutting Steel R6M5 after a Volume Pulse Laser Strength // JOURNAL OF FRICTION AND WEAR. - 2019. -Том: 40. - Выпуск: 3. - Стр.: 239-243
Series/Report no.: Journal of Friction and Wear
Abstract: This work studies the influence of mechanical properties on the durability of cutting tools made of high-speed steel R6M5 under production conditions and their relationship with indicators of changes in the "defectiveness" of the structure (density of dislocations, size of mosaic blocks, crystal lattice microdistortion), which occurred as a result of a single exposure to a high-energy laser pulse. It is shown that when assigning optimal modes of volume pulsed laser hardening (VPLH) (energy and duration of a laser pulse, laser beam diameter, distance from the irradiation point to the main cutting edge), the results of X-ray analysis can be used, which can significantly improve the technical and economic indicators of the hardening and operation of cutting tools made of high-speed steel P6\M5 in terms of productivity, prime cost and instrumental costs of laboratory research
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