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Title: Legal culture formation of a future specialist
Authors: Bondarenko, N. G.
Бондаренко, Н. Г.
Shebzukhova, T. A.
Шебзухова, Т. А.
Vartumyan, A. A.
Вартумян, А. А.
Shuisky, A. S.
Шуйский, А. С.
Mazurenko, A. P.
Мазуренко, А. П.
Keywords: Legal Culture;Legal Literacy;Legal State;Legal Training;Professional School
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Gyandhara International Academic Publications
Citation: Sergeeva, M.G., Bondarenko, N.G., Shebzuhova, T.A., Vartumyan, A.A., Shuisky, A.S., Mazurenko, A.P. Legal culture formation of a future specialist // Humanities and Social Sciences Reviews. - 2019. - Volume 7. - Issue 4. - Pages 13-19
Series/Report no.: Humanities and Social Sciences Reviews
Abstract: To identify Legal Culture Formation of a Future Specialist. Methodology: This is an analytical-critical research that uses content analysis and interviews to gain data. In this research, all the information obtained are coded, then meaningful propositions were specified and finally a list of these factors are provided. Main Findings: Results showed that knowledge about the foundations of law in the modern times becomes the primary necessity of every member in the society, including students of professional educational institutions, as the success of people in any sphere of their activity largely depends on this: in business, when working in enterprises for hiring new talents or in budgetary organizations, medical care, etc. Applications: The research implications can be used by legal training professional educational institutions and universities. Novelty/Originality: For the first time, hours devoted to the study of law subjects; unsatisfactory qualification of teachers in the legal course; lack of systematic educational and methodical literature, and documentation has been studied
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