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Title: The establishment of social cohesion in celebratory practices and rituals in Florence of the 13th - 15t centuries
Authors: Krasnova, I. A.
Краснова, И. А.
Keywords: Civil cohesion;Communal identity;Jousts;Procession;San Giovanni feast;Social contradictions;Tournaments
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Ltd "Integration: Education and Science"
Citation: Krasnova, I. The Establishment of Social Cohesion in Celebratory Practices and Rituals in Florence of the 13th - 15t Centuries // ISTORIYA-ELEKTRONNYI NAUCHNO-OBRAZOVATELNYI ZHURNAL. - 2019. - Volume 10. - Issue 4
Series/Report no.: Istoriya
Abstract: The article attempts to analyze the festive forms of behavior caused by traditional rituals that were transformed in the 13 th - 15th centuries, which was reflected in the communal legislation. Based on narrative sources such as chronicles and family books of contemporaries of the event, it was shown that the main holiday most expressing civil cohesion and communal identity was the anniversary of John the Baptist, the holy patron of Florence. Two main types of holiday rituals are investigated. The first one is a pageant accompanied by music, singing, “living pictures” - theatrical performances with the participation of people, as well as wax and wooden figures. The second type of festive behavior was the competition from the knightly arsenal - palios, jousts and tournaments. Some types of performative behavior of citizens, taken in protest in order to demonstrate civil unanimity, are also considered. It is especially noted that the symbolic “single body” of the commune, represented by festive rituals, was in some cases distorted due to real civil contradictions
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