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Title: Socio-cultural potential and quality of region’s innovational development
Authors: Leghebokov, A. A.
Лежебоков, А. А.
Keywords: Economy;Innovational development;Institutional matrices;Management;National model;Policy;Quality;Society;Socio-cultural dynamics
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Dorma Journals
Citation: Lezhebokov, A.A., Kargapolova, E.V., Dulina, N.V., Alieva, S.V., Kargapolov, S.V. Socio-cultural potential and quality of region’s innovational development // Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques. - 2019 - Volume 7. - Issue 3. - 404-408
Series/Report no.: Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques
Abstract: The article is devoted to studying the peculiarities of mutual influence of the socio-cultural features of regional society and quality of innovational processes. The perspectives of cultural and ideological changes of the basic institutes of the society, including the ideological concepts, are studied for intensification and improvement of innovational development quality. Methodology: The theoretical basis of the article is the works in the sphere of innovations. The works are devoted to analysis of the stages of innovational development and the problems of this process in the modern society. The ideas devoted to determining the features of innovational person, allowed studying the readiness of region’s population for innovational activities. The article also uses the research tradition according to which the economic and managerial processes are studied in their socio-cultural aspect. Results: It is noted that the main trends of the culture policy are still connected to development of the institutes of civil society and formation of middle class. In many ways, the quality of modernization processes is determined by positive activity of the most energetic managers. Applied studies of the situation show that certain regions can have large advantage in the process of implementation of innovations and scientific developments as compared to adjacent regions, but their contribution into innovational development of society on the whole could be low as compared to the centers of technological progress. Very often, high potential and readiness of the population to improve the quality of innovational activities are blocked by the existing socio-economic conditions and regional economic traditions. Applications of this study: The obtained results will allow a better orientation in the labyrinth of institutional transformations taking place in modern Russia in the space of regional development, and predict the situation in the social reproduction of Russian society from the point of view of its innovative development prospects. Novelty/Originality of this study: The quality of innovational development and related processes of regions’ modernization are studied with the help of the socio-cultural approach, which allows determining their dependence on the complex of peculiarities of the institutional matrix, which forms specific features of behavior of the most active members of the society, which are the bearers of innovations and changes
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