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Title: Multicomponent meat products for sports nutrition
Authors: Barybina, L. I.
Барыбина, Л. И.
Beloysova, E. V.
Белоусова, Е. В.
Statsenko, E. N.
Стаценко, Е. Н.
Borisenko, A. A.
Борисенко, А. А.
Nagdalian, A. A.
Нагдалян, А. А.
Keywords: Sports nutrition;Whey protein concentrate;Chicory inulin;Biological;Fat composition;Nutritional value;Pâté product
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Consulting and Training Center - KEY
Citation: Barybina, L.I., Beloysova, E.V., Voblikova, T.V., Statsenko, E.N., Amanova, S.S., Borisenko, A.A., Nagdalian, A.A., Simonov, A.N., Ziruk, I.V. Multicomponent meat products for sports nutrition // Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design. - 2019. - Volume 28. - Pages 81-84
Series/Report no.: Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design
Abstract: The special food products, containing functional components, role and importance always increases. Their share in the total food products produced and sold on the market continuously becomes more and more significant. The authors have developed and proposed a meat product, containing fat composition, produced on an inulin prebiotic and a whey protein concentrate base, meant for sports special nutrition. Its food value was studied by the next methods: the pâté protein mass fraction was determined by Kjeldah method, according the federal standard GOST 25011-81; the fat mass fraction-by Soxhlet method, according to GOST 23042-2015; the ash mass fraction, according to GOST 31727-2012; the common salt content-by Mohr method, according to GOST 9957-2015. The moisture mass fraction was measured on a moisture meter (the MX-50 series). Carbohydrate content was determined by calculation. The amino acid product composition was determined by ion exchange chromatography, using an automatic analyzer «Biochrom 30+» after preliminary attachments hydrolysis in a 6h hydrochloric acid solution. It was found that the fat composition, including chicory inulin, whey protein concentrate, and a vegetable oils mixture, addition to the “Retsept Zdorovia” pâté recipe has a positive effect on the biological value of the finished product. Easily digestible whey proteins in the pâté significantly improve the amino acid balance of essential amino acids in the finished product. The protein breakdown rate to amino acids in the “Retsept Zdorovia” pâté compared to the control sample has higher values. It was found that the combination of chicken broiler meat, soy flour and various combinations of vegetables allows to obtain products with low calorie, high biological value and digestibility, characterized by high organoleptic characteristics while reducing the cost of finished products. Considering all the advantages of the recipe and the production technology, the new meat product type can be recommended for the athletes’ nutrition. Using it in daily rations of pate product with additional main courses might contribute to improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract in conditions of high stress and the normalization of metabolic processes
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