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Title: GIS “Scheme of territorial planning of the Republic of Kalmykia”
Authors: Cherkasov, A. A.
Черкасов, А. А.
Makhmudov, R. K.
Махмудов, Р. К.
Eshrokov, V. M.
Эшроков, В. М.
Keywords: Conceptual scheme;Ethnic structure;Geoinformation system;Geoinformation technologies;Rural population;Urban population
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Citation: Cherkasov, A.A., Makhmudov, R.R., Eshrokov, V.M. GIS “Scheme of territorial planning of the Republic of Kalmykia” // InterCarto, InterGIS. - 2019. - Volume 25. - Pages 179-188
Series/Report no.: InterCarto, InterGIS
Abstract: The article presents the methodology for creating a cartographic database "GIS territorial planning of the Republic of Kalmykia". The methodology is presented in two stages: 1) Preparation of the cartographic basis of the project; 2) The technology of creating GIS. The first stage describes the features of collecting cartographic (source) information, working with space images. Further, the specifics of the formation of the cartographic basis were described, including the specifics of the organization of the thematic strata (in accordance with Order No 793 of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of 07.12.2016), the definition of the basic coordinate system (chosen for the system of coordinates for maintaining the state real estate cadastre). This approach made it possible in the future to approach the synchronization of territorial planning documents (STF of the Republic of Kalmykia, STP of the municipal districts of the republic, general plans of municipalities and city districts) and town-planning zoning (rules of land use and development of municipalities and urban okrugs). Seventeen schemes reflecting the modern economic development of the region were reproduced and updated in the framework of work with the help of geo-information methods. The second stage describes in detail the technology of creating GIS, including the features of the formation and structuring of the database, the operation of web services, describes the standards and formats used in creating GIS. The article also addressed the issues of the elaboration of the geoportal GIS “Territorial Planning of the Republic of Kalmykia”. This geoportal is developed for the internal needs of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Roads of the Republic of Kalmykia, is designed to improve the quality of management decisions, including in respect of investment development of the territory
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