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Title: The use of augmented reality technology in the educational process
Authors: Kononova, N. N.
Кононова, Н. Н.
Shiryaeva, N. V.
Ширяева, Н. В.
Oblasova, I. N.
Обласова, И. Н.
Pletukhina, A. A.
Плетухина, А. А.
Keywords: Creative projects in the education system;Implementation of augmented reality in educational practice;Interactive teaching methods;Virtual space;E-learning;Students
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: CEUR-WS
Citation: Kononova, N., Shiryaeva, N., Oblasova, I., Pletuhina, A. The use of augmented reality technology in the educational process // CEUR Workshop Proceedings. - 2019. - Volume 2494
Series/Report no.: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Abstract: Today’s education system is heavily focused on digitalization of the educational environment. Almost every educational institution is equipped with computes, has access to the Internet, utilizes electronic educational resources, projectors, etc., but the full capabilities of this technology are rarely used. Students’ attention is focused on printed educational literature. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for students to imagine any process described in the book, which is why some students lose interest in learning. In recent decades, computer technologies have been developing rapidly. This led to the fact that the equipment of schools and Universities lagged behind the technologies used by students at home. Until now, paper textbooks limited the tactile and visual styles of learning. Thanks to the technology of augmented reality, the process of perception and memorization of educational material can be simplified. Augmented reality technology will enhance the learning process with bright three-dimensional images, game elements, activate the interaction and participation, development of spatial thinking [Wu13]. Thanks to augmented reality, students have endless opportunities to learn new things. It is worth noting that it is becoming more popular to use electronic textbooks, but they are only digitized copies of textbooks in paper form. There is little use of computer visualization. Unfortunately, the introduction of any innovation into the education system requires a lot of time. However, there are many clubs and extracurricular schools, where such systems and technologies as augmented reality and the Internet of things have been widely used for a long time, and they are gaining popularity every year
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