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Title: The unity of spiritual values of Russian Nations as the common platform for the construction of Russian identity
Authors: Kosintseva, Y. F.
Косинцева, Ю. Ф.
Klushina, N. P.
Клушина, Н. П.
Keywords: Civic culture;Civilizational approach;Geopolitical approach;National state identity;Russian identity;Social trauma;Sociocultural split;Spiritual values
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Dorma Journals
Citation: Paliy, I.G., Kosintseva, J.F., Klushinа, N.P., Dukhina, T.N., Lipchanskaya, I.V. The unity of spiritual values of Russian Nations as the common platform for the construction of Russian identity // Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques. - 2019. - Volume 7. - Issue 4. - Pages 542-547
Series/Report no.: Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques
Abstract: Purpose of the study: In this study we consider the problem of search for consolidating values of Russian society in conditions of deep socio-cultural split. The absence of common spiritual guidelines system is accompanied by development and reproduction of social anomie that threatens spiritual security of Russian society and may lead the country to disintegration. In this regard, there rises a problem of Russian identity formation in order to integrate the society on the basis of common spiritual values. Methodology: The methodological basis of this study is provided by civilizational approach to identify the system of spiritual values that will become the basis for construction of Russian identity. Geopolitical approach is methodologically significant to study the specificity of Russian identity. This approach also has some grounds for consolidation of Russian society. According to geopolitical approach the citizens' views on the status of the country in international community and its role in international politics are the basis of Russian identity. Results: We conclude that the basis for the modern Russian identity formation in its national and state dimension should be not only an appeal to the heroic past of the country, but also to the pride of the present and clear idea of the future. The modern system of spiritual values capable of consolidating the Russian society should be, first of all, based on the values of citizenship, justice, and welfare of the population. Applications of this study: The results show that overcoming the socio-cultural split of the Russian society is quite a complex process, which involves rethinking the cultural imperatives of state's political system functioning, formation of trust in political institutions, transformation of the citizens' ideas about the state, revival of national history, and understanding of the country's role in the modern world. Novelty/Originality of this study: The increased attention to the problem of Russian identity construction takes place due to the serious challenges of the present, including preservation of national sovereignty and integrity of the country, ensuring its spiritual security, overcoming the prolonged crisis of the Russian economy, formation of new political and civil institutions. To actualize the search for spiritual integrators able to become a powerful resource for consolidation of the modern Russian society we need to understand that development of the country is possible only on the basis of clear collective understanding of its past, present and future
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