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Title: Legal education in the digital age: problems and prospects
Authors: Melnikova, M. P.
Мельникова, М. П.
Bychko, M. A.
Бычко, М. А.
Komarevceva, I. A.
Комаревцева, И. А.
Melnichuk, M. А.
Мельничук, М. А.
Dzhanbidaeva, Z. S.
Джанбидаева, З. Ш.
Keywords: Digital technologies;Pedagogical technologies;Distance learning;E-Learning;Legal education
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: UNIV COSTA
Citation: Melnikova, MP; Bychko, MA; Komarevceva, IA; Melnichuk, MA; Dzhanbidaeva, ZS. Legal education in the digital age: problems and prospects // JURIDICAS CUC. - 2019. - Том: 15. - Выпуск: 1. - Стр.: 301-320
Series/Report no.: JURIDICAS CUC
Abstract: The purpose of this article is the analysis of Information and Communication Technologies - ICT in legal education according to the reform of the Russian national education system. It is observed how the creation of digital education in Russia contributes to its integration into the global educational environment. The regulatory framework for analysing ICTs in legal education, e-learning and distance education is used as a starting point. A critical analysis methodology is used to model the possible implementation of problem-based learning using ICT and using the "contract builder" simulator as an example. It is concluded that the introduction of ICT in the educational process requires a systematic approach, a state policy for the development of this area, additional funding and training of teachers
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