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Title: Identification of carotenoid pigments of pumpkin grown in the South of Russia
Authors: Limareva, N. S.
Лимарева, Н. С.
Keywords: Chemical analysis;Carotenoid pigments;Nutritional value;Physical and chemical analysis;Quantitative characteristics;Pigments
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Citation: Rodionova, L., Sobol, I., Donchenko, L., Limareva, N. Identification of carotenoid pigments of pumpkin grown in the South of Russia // E3S Web of Conferences. - 2020. - Volume 161. - Номер статьи 01106
Series/Report no.: E3S Web of Conferences
Abstract: The article presents the results of studies of changes in the vitamin composition of pumpkin, grown in the Kuban region. Standard and modern methods of physical and chemical analysis were used in the research. It is shown that the nutritional value of this raw material allows to maintain its nutritional value for a long time. Differential determination of carotenoid pigments contained in pumpkin fruits was carried out. The quantitative characteristics of carotenoids were established and the predominant carotenoid pigments for the studied pumpkin varieties were specified
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