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Title: The scandium impact on the sintering of YSAG:Yb ceramics with high optical transmittance
Authors: Nikova, M. S.
Никова, М. С.
Tarala, V. A.
Тарала, В. А.
Malyavin, F. F.
Малявин, Ф. Ф.
Vakalov, D. S.
Вакалов, Д. С.
Lapin, V. A.
Kuleshov, D. S.
Кулешов, Д. С.
Kravtsov, A. A.
Кравцов, А. А.
Chikulina, I. S.
Чикулина, И. С.
Tarala, L. V.
Тарала, Л. В.
Evtushenko, E. A.
Евтушенко, Е. А.
Medyanik, E. V.
Медяник, Е. В.
Krandievsky, S. O.
Крандиевский, С. О.
Лапин, В. А.
Keywords: Garnets;Optical ceramics;Scandium;Vacuum sintering;YSAG:Yb;Ytterbium compounds
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Citation: Nikova, M.S., Tarala, V.A., Malyavin, F.F., Vakalov, D.S., Lapin, V.A., Kuleshov, D.S., Kravtsov, A.A., Chikulina, I.S., Tarala, L.V., Evtushenko, E.A., Medyanik, E.V., Krandievsky, S.O., Bogach, A.V., Kuznetsov, S.V. The scandium impact on the sintering of YSAG:Yb ceramics with high optical transmittance // Ceramics International. - 2021. - Том: 47. - Выпуск: 2. - Стр.: 1772-1784
Series/Report no.: Ceramics International
Abstract: Optical ceramics based on Yb2O3–Y2O3-Sc2O3–Al2O3 solid solutions with a garnet structure were obtained using chemical precipitation and vacuum sintering techniques. In the samples' composition, scandium was incorporated into both dodecahedral and octahedral garnet sites in ratios from 4: 1 to 1: 4. The differential thermal analysis and dilatometry methods were used to study the phase transformations kinetics of the precursor powders and the vacuum sintering kinetics of YSAG:Yb compacts. It was found that the garnet cationic composition has a strong effect on the optical ceramics' sintering temperature ranges. It was also pointed out that an increase in the scandium content in the dodecahedral YSAG:Yb garnet site was accompanied by a decrease in the vacuum sintering temperature, which ensures maximum compaction rate. For the samples with the Y2.15Yb0.25Sc1.00Al4.6O12, Y2.35Yb0.25Sc1.00Al4.4O12, Y2.55Yb0.25Sc1.00Al4.2O12, Y2.52Yb0.25Sc0.38Al4.85O12 compositions, optical transmission in visible and near-infrared range of more than 80% was achieved
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