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Title: Phytosterols: from preclinical evidence to potential clinical applications
Authors: Orobinskaya, V. N.
Оробинская, В. Н.
Keywords: Phytosterols;Coronary heart disease;Beta-sitosterol;Campesterol;Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Salehi, B; Quispe, C; Sharifi-Rad, J; Cruz-Martins, N; Nigam, M; Mishra, AP; Konovalov, DA; Orobinskaya, V; Abu-Reidah, IM; Zam, W; Sharopov, F; Venneri, T; Capasso, R; Kukula-Koch, W; Wawruszak, A; Koch, W. Phytosterols: from preclinical evidence to potential clinical applications // FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY. - 2021. - Том: 11. - Номер статьи: 599959
Abstract: Phytosterols (PSs) are plant-originated steroids. Over 250 PSs have been isolated, and each plant species contains a characteristic phytosterol composition. A wide number of studies have reported remarkable pharmacological effects of PSs, acting as chemopreventive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic, and antiatherosclerotic agents. However, PS bioavailability is a key issue, as it can be influenced by several factors (type, source, processing, preparation, delivery method, food matrix, dose, time of administration into the body, and genetic factors), and the existence of a close relationship between their chemical structures (e.g., saturation degree and side-chain length) and low absorption rates has been stated. In this sense, the present review intends to provide in-depth data on PS therapeutic potential for human health, also emphasizing their preclinical effects and bioavailability-related issues
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