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Title: Analysis of the content of mechanically separated poultry meat in sausage using computing microtomography
Authors: Nagdalian, A. A.
Нагдалян, А. А.
Rzhepakovsky, I. V.
Ржепаковский, И. В.
Piskov, S. I.
Писков, С. И.
Oboturova, N. P.
Оботурова, Н. П.
Timchenko, L. D.
Тимченко, Л. Д.
Lodygin, A. D.
Лодыгин, А. Д.
Blinov, A. V.
Блинов, А. В.
Keywords: Poultry;X-ray;Sausage;Bones;Computing microtomography;Food analysis;Food composition;Histology;Mechanically separated meat;MicroCT
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Academic Press Inc.
Citation: Nagdalian, A.A., Rzhepakovsky, I.V., Siddiqui, S.A., Piskov, S.I., Oboturova, N.P., Timchenko, L.D., Lodygin, A.D., Blinov, A.V., Ibrahim, S.A. Analysis of the content of mechanically separated poultry meat in sausage using computing microtomography // Journal of Food Composition and Analysis. - 2021. - Volume 100. - Номер статьи 103918
Series/Report no.: Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
Abstract: This study highlights the possibility of computing microtomography application in food engineering. Standard methods for identifying bone inclusions in sausage products were compared to the proposed method of computing microtomography. The disadvantages of chemical and histological analysis in determining the content of mechanically separated meat in sausage are indicated and described. 2D and 3D microtomograms of the studied sausage samples were obtained. Using computing tomography analyzer (CTAn) software, quantitative analysis of sausage microstructure characteristics were produced. Characteristics of bone and cartilage inclusions in experimental samples are determined. At the end of the study, additional parameters of sausage samples were obtained and analyzed that allowed us to conduct complete sausage microstructure engineering. It is concluded that computer microtomography can be used for detailed microstructural analysis of food products to ensure the quality of production or food fraud identification
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