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Title: Hemorhelogic profile and microcirculatory hemostasis in patients with cerebrovascular disease in diabetes mellitus
Authors: Anfinogenova, O. I.
Анфиногенова, О. И.
Kubanov, S. I.
Кубанов, С. И.
Domenyuk, S.
Доменюк, С.
Keywords: Blood rheological properties;Hyperglycemia;Diabetes mellitus;Acute disturbance of cerebral circulation
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Shkarin, V., Anfinogenova, O., Kochkonyan, T., Al-Harazi, G., Kubanov, S., Domenyuk, S., Anfinogenov, V., Nuzhnaya, C., Domenyuk, D. Hemorhelogic profile and microcirculatory hemostasis in patients with cerebrovascular disease in diabetes mellitus // ARCHIV EUROMEDICA. - 2021. - Том 11. - Выпуск 4. - Стр.: 68-73. - DOI10.35630/2199-885X/2021/11/4.18
Series/Report no.: ARCHIV EUROMEDICA
Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is one of the most serious issues faced nowadays both by medicine and society in general, which is due to the wide spread of endocrine issues affecting nearly every country globally, the growing incidence rate, as well as the severity of complications that are hard to treat. Type 2 diabetes mellitus increases significantly the risk of developing acute cerebral blood circulation disorders, which urges further comprehensive studies focusing on the role played by the vascular-platelet relation and coagulation hemostasis in the development and progression of diabetic vascular complications. The results of our study, which involved 74 patients with acute cerebral circulation disorders against type 2 diabetes mellitus revealed alterations affecting the hemostasis system. This could be seen from activated vascular-platelet and coagulation links, decreased anticoagulant activity, and a slowdown in fibrinolysis. The severity of disorders induced by the alterations in the hemorheological profile and the microcirculatory hemostasis are associated with the duration of type 2 diabetes mellitus and the carbohydrate metabolism indicators (hyperglycemia, increased HbAlc levels and glycation end products).
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