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dc.contributor.authorAksenov, A. V.-
dc.contributor.authorАксенов, А. В.-
dc.contributor.authorAksenov, D. A.-
dc.contributor.authorАксенов, Д. А.-
dc.contributor.authorOrazova, N. A.-
dc.contributor.authorОразова, Н. А.-
dc.contributor.authorAksenov, N. A.-
dc.contributor.authorАксенов, Н. А.-
dc.contributor.authorGriaznov, G. D.-
dc.contributor.authorГрязнов, Г. Д.-
dc.contributor.authorRubin, M. A.-
dc.contributor.authorРубин, М. А.-
dc.identifier.citationAksenov, A.V., Aksenov, D.A., Orazova, N.A., Aksenov, N.A., Griaznov, G.D., De Carvalho, A., Kiss, R., Mathieu, V., Kornienko, A., Rubin, M. One-Pot, Three-Component Assembly of Indoloquinolines: Total Synthesis of Isocryptolepine // Journal of Organic Chemistry. - 2017. - Volume 82. - Issue 6. - Pages 3011-3018ru
dc.description.abstractIndolo[3,2-c]quinolones have been efficiently synthesized via an acid-mediated, one-pot, three-component condensation of arylhydrazines, o-aminoacetophenones, and triazines or nitriles. The synthetic application of this method is showcased by the concise synthesis of isocryptolepine alkaloid and a series of its synthetic analogues with demonstrated cancer cell antiproliferative activitiesru
dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Societyru
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Organic Chemistry-
dc.subjectAnti-proliferative activitiesru
dc.subjectSynthetic analoguesru
dc.subjectSynthetic applicationru
dc.subjectThree componentru
dc.subjectTotal synthesisru
dc.titleOne-pot, three-component assembly of indoloquinolines: total synthesis of isocryptolepineru
vkr.amountPages 3011-3018ru
vkr.instИнститут математики и естественных наук-
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