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Title: Intergenerational characteristics of the economic consciousness: results of an empirical study
Authors: Bakunova, I. V.
Бакунова, И. В.
Luk'yanov, A. S.
Лукьянов, А. С.
Luk'yanova, M. V.
Лукьянова, М. В.
Makadey, L. I.
Макадей, Л. И.
Keywords: Attitude toward money;Economic consciousness;Intergenerational characteristics;Personal competitiveness;Preparedness for risk;Values
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Serials Publications
Citation: Bakunova, I.V., Luk'yanov, A.S., Luk'yanova, M.V., Makadei, L.I. Intergenerational characteristics of the economic consciousness: Results of an empirical study // Man in India. - 2016. - Volume 96. - Issue 10. - Pages 3441-3457
Series/Report no.: Man in India
Abstract: This paper describes an empirical study of the intergenerational characteristics of the economic consciousness. The studyseeks to determine the differences in the values, attitude toward money, and personal characteristics of representatives of two different generations. The authors isolate two groups as their experimental sample: representatives of the older generation (ages 37-45) and those of the younger one (ages 17-22). To achieve the study's objectives, the authors draw upon the following methodologies: Exploring's One's Attitude toward Money, Diagnosing the Level of One's Personal Preparedness for Risk (Schubert's PSK test), Fast-Track Diagnosis of One's Social Values, Diagnosing One's Personal 'Altruism-Egotism' Mindset, and Fast-Track Diagnosis of One's Personal Competitiveness. The statistical analysis was conducted using SPSS 19.0, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov ë test, and the Fisher ö test
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