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Title: Modeling of Schottky barrier height and volt-amper characteristics for transition metal-solid solution (SiC)(1) (-) (x)(AlN)(x)
Authors: Altukhov, V. I.
Алтухов, В. И.
Bilalov, B. A.
Билалов, Б. А.
Sankin, A. V.
Санкин, А. В.
Filipova, S. V.
Филипова, С. В.
Keywords: Schottky barrier;Metal-semiconductor transitions;Silicon carbide;Solid solutions;Volt-amper characteristics
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Altukhov, VI; Bilalov, BA; Sankin, AV; Filipova, SV. Modeling of Schottky Barrier Height and Volt-Amper Characteristics for Transition Metal-solid Solution (SiC)(1) (-) (x)(AlN)(x) // JOURNAL OF NANO- AND ELECTRONIC PHYSICS. - 2016. - Том: 8. - Выпуск: 4. - Номер статьи: 04003
Series/Report no.: Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics
Abstract: Proposed nonlinear defect concentration model of metal-semiconductor contact. It is shown that taking into account nonlinear dependence of the Fermi energy EF defect concentration leads to higher barrier Schottky in 15-25 %. Calculated Volt-Amper characteristics of the diodes are consistent with experiment
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