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Title: Modeling oscillations of magnetizable microdrops
Authors: Shagrova, G. V.
Шагрова, Г. В.
Drozdova, V. I.
Дроздова, В. И.
Romanenko, M. G.
Романенко, М. Г.
Keywords: Computational experiment;Magnetic fluid;Magnetized drops;Modeling;Oscillations of drops
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Shagrova, G.V., Drozdova, V.I., Romanenko, M.G. Modeling oscillations of magnetizable microdrops // Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics. - 2015. - Volume 7. - Issue 4. - Номер статьи 04020
Series/Report no.: Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics
Abstract: Developed a system of computer simulation of oscillations of magnetizable microdrops in a wide range of changing their parameters: Surface tension, viscosity, magnetic permeability, density, and radius. Computational experiments of oscillations of magnetizable drops in an alternating magnetic field and the influence of various forces of nature (inertial, viscous, surface and magnetic) on the nature of the oscillations were carried out. Adequacy of the model, used as the basis for the developed system of computer simulation was shown on the basis of computational and experimental data
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