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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Artificial intelligence in politics Global leadership and the risks of competitive struggleKardanova, M. L.; Карданова, М. Л.
2021Features and models of human capital reproduction in the conditions of artificial intelligence developmentShulga, M. M.; Шульга, М. М.; Zhelnakova, N. Y.; Желнакова, Н. Ю.
2021Features of artificial intelligence technologies and their use and impact on transformation in the banking sectorStankevich, G. V.; Станкевич, Г. В.; Amvrosova, O. N.; Амвросова, О. Н.; Kasevich, E. V.; Касевич, Е. В.
2021Making marketing decisions in an unstable economic environmentBelokon, L. V.; Белоконь, Л. В.; Yakovenko, N. N.; Яковенко, Н. Н.
2021Management of professional training process as a key factor of digital economy developmentVorontsova, G. V.; Воронцова, Г. В.
2021Problems of criminal liability for damage caused by an unmanned vehicleChemerinsky, K. V.; Чемеринский, К. В.; Amiyants, K. A.; Амиянц, К. А.; Mordovina, A. A.; Мордовина, А. А.; Zakharyan, O. A.; Захарян, О. А.; Bunina, A. F.; Бунина, А. Ф.
2021Prospects for marketing management in the context of artificial intelligence developmentMomotova, O. N.; Момотова, О. Н.; Ponomareva, E. A.; Пономарева, Е. А.
2021Prospects for technological growth of Russia in terms of digitalization of the economyVorontsova, G. V.; Воронцова, Г. В.
2021System of optimization of cognitive development of the subject of engineering activity in the conditions of use of intelligent computer programsChernov, A. B.; Чернов, А. Б.
2021The impact of artificial intelligence on the development of human resources technologiesShatskaya, E. Y.; Шацкая, Е. Ю.; Kharchenko, N. P.; Харченко, Н. П.; Zhuravel, V. F.; Журавель, В. Ф.
2021The problems of employment and unemployment on regional labor markets in the digital economyGorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.; Sharunova, E. V.; Шарунова, Е. В.
2021The realization of the potential of artificial intelligence in criminal law, prospects of development of forensic profilingVilgonenko, I. M.; Вильгоненко, И. М.
2021Tools of intellectual systems in the context of problems of organization of open educationAbakumova, S. I.; Абакумова, С. И.; Suyunova, G. B.; Суюнова, Г. Б.
2021Trend analysis in the use of artificial intelligence in financial managementSavtsova, A. V.; Савцова, А. В.; Pakova, O. N.; Пакова, О. Н.; Sokolova, A. A.; Соколова, А. А.