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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A methodology for comprehensive analysis of agricultural development management problemsGorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.; Krivorotova, N. F.; Криворотова, Н. Ф.; Dotdueva, Z. S.; Дотдуева, З. С.; Syromyatnikov, D. A.; Сыромятников, Д. А.
2018Assessment of the background for interregional economic cooperationKushch, E. N.; Кущ, Е. Н.
2018Assessment of the problems in food industry development of the of the Russian Federation and ways of their solutionsLazareva, N. V.; Лазарева, Н. В.
2019Big data analysis for studying water supply and sanitation coverage in cities (Russia)Syromyatnikov, D. A.; Сыромятников, Д. А.
2019Challenges and prospects for the development of social entrepreneurship in RussiaKirillova, A. V.; Кириллова, А. В.
2018Corporate accelerators as a tool of crisis managementParakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.; Kafyan, K. A.; Кафян, К. А.; Boris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.; Gorbenko, L. I.; Горбенко, Л. И.
2018Development of a system of quantitative and qualitative indicators for assessing the competitiveness of the hospitality industrySenyugina, I. A.; Сенюгина, И. А.
2018Diagnostics and management of the regional potential of food import phase-out [Diagnóstico y manejo del potencial regional para eliminar importación de alimentos]Ponomareva, E. A.; Пономарева, Е. А.; Kalashnikov, A. A.; Калашников, А. А.
2018Human resource management strategy: implementation features, prerequisites, and effective resultsMartynenko, M. V.; Мартыненко, М. В.
2018Innovative approach to fitness industry developmentBoris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.
2017Justification for perspective directions of fat-and-oil industry development of agricultural regions in the South of RussiaAlekseeva, O. A.; Алексеева, О. А.
2017Practice-oriented model of estimating the competency formation in the system of economic education in view of the labor market needsPokotilova, T. E.; Покотилова, Т. Е.; Rusetskaya, E. A.; Русецкая, Э. А.
2017Psychological knowledge in teacher's professional activityGorovaya, V. I.; Горовая, В. И.; Petrova, N. F.; Петрова, Н. Ф.
2018Realization of investment profitability of regional projects: climate and mechanism of investment in the regions of the Russian FederationMiroshnichenko, R. V.; Мирошниченко, Р. В.
2018Relationships and values in high school students groups in conditions of the modern russian schoolBelasheva, I. V.; Белашева, И. В.; Shapovalov, V. K.; Шаповалов, В. К.
2017Role of marketing in developing market of insuring from catastrophic risksRusetskaya, E. A.; Русецкая, Э. А.; Rusetskiy, M. G.; Русецкий, М. Г.
2018Scientific understanding of the functions of repetition in english poetic speechMalyshkina, E. V.; Малышкина, Е. В.; Goroshko, O. N.; Горошко, О. Н.; Shevchenko, E. M.; Шевченко, Е. М.; Logunova, N. A.; Логунова, Н. А.
2018The paradigm of sustainable development and innovation in the regionRud, N. Y.; Рудь, Н. Ю.
2018The role of insurance in providing economic safety of business entitiesRusetskiy, M. G.; Русецкий, М. Г.
2018Using information technology to manage intellectual propertyParakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.